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The StikReader® looks and feels like a current Smartphone with a 4”- 6” screen. It's captures Fingerprints, Audio and Video Recording, Transmits Data, GPS, and more.

The pandemic of the highly contagious COVID-19 Virus is indicated by the alarming numbers of people who have become infected. Surprisingly, a significant amount of infected people never show any symptoms but are nevertheless contagious. One factor that increases the difficulty of blocking the spread of COVID-19 is that, on average, an infected person begins showing symptoms five days after becoming infected and yet starts infecting others two to three days before their symptoms appear. If the transmission of this disease is to be blocked effectively, people must be tested before they even begin to show symptoms.

According to government studies, the U.S. should be doing more than 900,000 tests per day. Yet other organizations have given estimates of up to 23 million tests per day. The U.S. and for that matter, the world desperately needs the AMD IQStik® test and its Partner the StikReader® .

The AMD patented StikReader® is a portable handheld device that looks and feels like a current Smartphone with a 4” - 6” screen. The StikReader® is the ideal tool in the fight to destroy the COVID-19 Virus. It will be utilized by healthcare professionals at hospitals, first responders, transportation, employer workforce, and other high-volume industries, etc.

Instructions: For individual when testing for the COVID-19 Virus, the subject will simply wipe the IQStik®, across the tongue, wait 5 minutes for the test results. Simple to use, Simple to Read

Instructions: For Healthcare Workers etc. The same Instructions as above. Now Insert the IQStik® with the test results displayed into the StikReader®  , which captures the IQStik® results. The collected information is then validated for everyone tested to ensure and alleviate any chain-of-custody issues. The StikReader®   then forwards the data and packages it into a single informational unit, assigned a unique code, encrypted, and uploaded it to a control center. This ensures that all information that has been collected is protected. Because of the system’s ruggedness, simplicity of use, extreme portability, and low cost, the AMD StikReader®, when used in conjunction with the COVID-19 Virus IQStik®, is the near-perfect solution for screening and documenting large population.

Test Kits

Capturing Crucial Information and Transmission Capability

StikReader®  utilizes an encryption technology certified by the U.S. Government which captures, records, and transmits globally in a single event file all the following:

  •  The StikReader is used for instantly reading your IQStik®, Alcohol and Drugs of Abuse Stik® test results, which are identified by a bar-code, RFID chip, or other encoding system embedded in the Stik®, along with a specific serial number that is recorded in the event file.
  •  All of these steps are taken to ensure your information is secure and just as important, it verifies that its you.
  •  GPS location with date and timestamp
  •  ID (high-resolution photos of subjects with their thumb prints.
  •  Voice and other audio recordings
  •  Capable of supporting documents (driver’s license, passport, military ID, patient ID, etc.)
  •  Captures the ID of the administrator

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Because of its versatility, low cost, and ease of use, American Made DiagnoStiks® is confident that its StikReader® will quickly become the new world standard in gathering and transmitting critical information across a wide range of government, military, commercial and industrial applications. American Made plans to lease rather than sell its StikReader®. This will allow up-to-the-minute software updates for users while simultaneously assuring AMD investors of a large, stable revenue stream for years.


AMD has determined that the most cost-effective and efficient way of manufacturing our products is by subcontracting this work through highly established, government-certified manufacturing facilitiesmeeting AMD’s exact specifications and with in-house AMD oversight. AMD is in Southern California, where over 100 FDA/ISO 9000-approved medical manufacturing sites can produce AMD’s product line. From these, AMD has chosen two facilities and estimates that it will enter into full production within 120 days from the date funding is completed. AMD will purchase all the essential equipment and needed materials within Southern California. Again, when we say American Made, we mean it.

Products will be shipped directly from the production facility to the customer.

Manufacturing costs for all single-pad products are $0.75, i.e. Alcohol Stik. Sells for $1.50 to $3.00. For multi-pad systems (Up to Seven Pads), i.e. Drugs of Abuse and IQStik®, manufacturing costs are $1.50. Sells for $19.00 - $23.00.

The process, timeline, and unit costs for manufacturing are substantially reduced due to AMD's Stik’s innovative platform technology.

**AMD will be in full production within 120 days from the date funding is completed**


AMD is able to produce 10 million IQStik® per month at a cost of $1.50 and sell for $23.00 per test.

Financial Summary

Funding and Use of Funds

Our first round of funding is $3.5M at $1.00 Per Share. $50,000 Minimum Investment
Uses: FDA Emergency Authorization use approval for a SARS-CoV-2 test and Stage-1 Production Machinery.

Second Round of $11.5M at $4.00 Per Share
Uses: Stage-2 Production Machinery, additional Patents, Management/Personnel, and Marketing.

This gives the first-round of shares and shareholders value four (4) times purchased value in year one.
Conservative figures earn dividends of:

Earnings Per Share 

Earning Per Share

in the years 1-3 respectively, you could earn a total of 159% on your investment by the end of the third year.

Production Cost and Prices

Alcohol Stiks cost is $.75 to manufacture and sells for $1.50
Drugs of Abuse Stiks cost $1.50 to Manufacture and sells for $23.00

COVID-19 IQStiks® cost is $1.50 to manufacture and sells for $19.00 - $23.00

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